First let’s just come right out and say what a total blast the 20 or so paddlers all had at the Bluerush Midweek Twilight  race last night. The race was held right off the beach at  Bar Bocce Restaurant in Sausalito (across the street from the new Bluerush Store), start line of the race was just 50 feet away from the onsite bocce ball court. Fred Andersen set a truly unique and challenging course using 100% of the existing buoys, markers and whatever else he could find to put in 5 turns in a 3/4 of mile per lap race course. Brian Thomas took a fleet of prone, SUP and OC-1’s onto a separate course which ended in with lots of smiles of tired paddlers. Beer can racing, twilight sprint racing or whatever you want to call it is a fun mid-week no pressure paddle event. Oh and the weather was nothing less than spectacular, think it was around 75-80 degrees at the beginning of the race. Well done Bluerush and Bar Bocce, Capt Ron Steinau shot some pictures, be sure to check them out on the Bluerush FB page. I shot video from my on-board Garmin VIRB, video is forthcoming. Suunto GPS Data Next BR/Bar Bocce Race will be 4/9. Not sure if there were any results formal results from the race but will check with Bluerush, we all were winners especially after a couple of beers.

Whats on tap for this weekend. Need to sell some water-sports stuff (surf, kayak, sup, kite, windsurf) check out the swap meet at 101 Surf Sports in San Rafael tomorrow from 9am-1pm. But before you commit to swapping your gear maybe go race at the Desolation Outdoors Tiburon Waterfront SUP Race, this is a new race with a 2.5 mile and 5 mile course, should be  good time. If nothing else you could just end up at Sam’s Anchor Cafe for a cold beverage afterwards.

Have a great weekend of paddling