Feeling compelled to restart my weekly news and events posts today. Been too long since the last post on what’s going on in the Standup Paddle Community and what’s on the racing calendar.

This week, the news broke that Race the Lake of the Sky (RTLS) will be postponed this year but will be back in 2017. Been thinking about this news all week, RTLS has been one of the foundation standup paddle races in the West and certainly gets international attention. Personally, my entire family looks forward to the pilgrimage to the South Shore of Tahoe to see what Brackett Crew will unfold for two days of unforgettable paddle racing. Many other families and paddle athletes make the RTLS the race of the season. My message to Chris Brackett and Crew is thanks, thanks for the last couple years of great fun on the South Shore, we are eagerly awaiting the race in 2017. Build your new shop, we will come and visit, remember South Tahoe Standup Paddle Series is still happening this summer, go check it out I know I will.

Racing this weekend April 16th and 17th

Saturday, April 16th The Sacramento River Paniolo SUP Race #1

Sunday, April 17th The River City Paddlers Tax Relief Race